Tinting the Taillights

OK, so I did a mild customization to the taillights of my Jetta.
I found myself tired of staring at the taillights for the Jetta III GT
with the factory tinted taillights, and I decided to try it myself on my
84 Jetta GLi.

So I tinted the turn signals and back-up lights.
Steps followed:
  1. purchased a second set of taillights, so I couldn't do irreversible damage
    to my taillights
  2. cleaned the lights really really good.
  3. masked off the brake and marker lights.
  4. cleaned the lights really really good.
  5. sprayed on the tint
  6. allow to dry (I waited 3 days)
  7. removed the masking, and finely sanded the entire taillight
  8. sprayed the entire taillight with a non-yellowing,
    indoor/outdoor clear lacquer, using many coats, allowing
    ample time between coats.

And, I ended up with lightly tinted taillights.
I'm sure I could've tinted the entire taillight,
but I like the bright red and darker backup and signal lights.

Testors makes a "clear black" or "smoke" model paint, which I would've used,
but I couldn't find anyone local who stocked it.

Update Note:
VHT also makes a paint called "Nite Shades" for tinting taillights.
I've tried it, it works very well. Much better than the window tint spray.

before and after

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