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Poser GLi's

Not all GLi's you think you see are really GLi's.
There have been reports of some fakes.

the real thing:
1984 VW Jetta GLi
there have been reports of poser GLi's out there
1984 VW Jetta (poser) GLi but
or, cars commonly confused to be GLi's, though they sport regular emblems:
The 1983 VW Wolfsburg Limited Edition Jetta But these cars have click here for 1983 Wolfsburg Jetta ad

Oddly, the Wolfsburg Jetta (120k) doesn't sport any Wolfsburg Edition emblem,
unlike the Wolfsburg Cabriolet (66 k), Quantum, Rabbit and Scirocco (75 k). Go fig.

So, in conclusion, you've been warned. Accept no imitations.

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