My Project GLi

The primary objective here was to make a subtle yet wild VW, without parting out with too much coin. So, with the idea of improving upon VW's original design, I set out on my task, using original OEM parts, or replicas of OEM parts where possible. As you can see, Rabbit fenders, GTI spoiler, 16V antenna, cabriolet grill, and BBS wheels.

The latest mods: Ragtop

Project summary:

Whatcost*Odometer Reading, kmsComments
1984 VW Jetta GLi 2dr$3,200.00106,000excellent condition
16V antenna replica?????from AutoBahn Designs, see comments
1978 rabbit fenders$80.00???nice clean smooth rustfree fenders see comments
shave marker lights on fenders$50.00???to be rid of the gross side markers and original antenna hole
H4 7" headlights$100.00???with 80/100 bulbs. probably the best thing I've done to the car
city lights$0.00???see comments
cabriolet grill$150.00???from a dealer
H4 5 3/4" headlights$100.00???with 55/60 bulbs, to mount in the place of the driving lights in the cabby grill
relays (4)$40.00???for even more power, the headlights are run off the relays close to the battery
switch for driving lights$10.00???from a wrecker, see comments
Clifford Car Alarm$255.00???a necessity to keep the car my own
door lock actuator$60.00???locks/unlocks when the alarm is armed/disarmed
trunk solenoid$40.00???to pop the trunk via the alarm's remote
2" VW emblem$20.00???to cover the hole for the trunk lock.comments
VW single wiper$15.00180,000from a wrecked Scirocco see the how to
shortened bumpers$0.00180,000bumpers shortened, see the comments
Spax suspension$650.00190,000non adjustable, not too bad, a little rough in winter though
Audi height adjustable seat$40.00220,000from a wrecker, recovered with my original GLi seat cover
rabbit sealed 1/4 windows$40.00220,000from a wrecker, I got tired of the never sealing wing windows
Eurosport upper stress bar$120.00220,000to hold everything togeather,
from Contemporary Motorsports
VDO 10-bar oil pressure gauge$55.00232,000from a wrecker
VDO 10-bar oil pressure sender$0.00232,000from a wrecker, traded for a window
Bentley Manual$60.00.the second best thing I've ever got for the car
bodywork/paint$2,800.00230,000includes rust and dent repair, shaving rear emblems, fill old wiper holes, base/clear paint
windsheild replacement$100.00230,000insurance deductable
84 GTi front spoiler$60.00232,000to cover the rabbit fender/original Jetta front valence gap
lower front spoiler$5.00232,000from a Dodge Omni. see comments
VW cruise control$50.00232,000from a wrecker, see comments
ABD 4-pt lower stress bar$120.00235,000to hold the bottom end togeather
upper grill spoiler$120.00240,000from ABD
throttle body$65.00242,000from a wrecked Audi 5000, 52 mm secondary, see comments
VW intake manifold$10.00242,000from a wrecker, got it to port it to fit the throttle body
VW dual outlet exhaust manifold$20.00242,000from a wrecker, comments
exhaust dual downpipe$140.00242,000from Autotech
g-grind cam$140.00242,000423/283, from Autotech
VW JH cylinder head$350.00242,000from a wrecker, see comments
machine cylinder head$60.00to bump compression for a bit more power
K&N air filter$60.00242,000for free flowing clean air
gaskets$100.00242,000required to put the engine togeather
white gauge faces$0.00250,000see a sketch
Hella side marker lights$10.00270,000(euro-style) from a wrecher, see notes
Tinted taillights$30.00285,000see notes
BBS wheels$150.00US290,000from 1990 Jetta GLI, see picture
205/50/15 tires$150.00290,000slightly used, from a Dodge Shelby Charger
2.0L ABA$xxx.003xx,000in search of power...comments
Adjustable cam gear$xxx.003xx,000in search of more power...
high-lift valve springs$xxx.003xx,000from Autotech
MFA$xxx.003xx,000Show me the numbers. comments
knock sensor$xxx.00360,000comments
Badgeless grill$xxx.003xx,000Concept 1
8" Boston mid-woofers$xxx.003xx,000for the stereo
power window conversion$xxx.003xx,000surprisingly, an Audiovox part comments
currently: ~390,000

ideas for the future
recover seatsleather, perhaps?
* Canadian dollars **NCI - not currently installed,
16V antenna replica: The antenna never seemed to work right - horrible reception. Two years later, after adding a booster to it, I got tired of it, and tried replacing the extension cable. Turns out the original cable had a bad end on it. So the antenna works fine (but still needs the booster). If I were to do it again, I'd get a power antenna, which I'd put on the driver's side rear fender.

Rabbit fenders: When I replaced the jetta fenders with the rabbit fenders, I only changed the fenders. So the front apron is still Jetta. I ended up custom fabricating the mountings for the headlights, and cutting the necessary fill-sheet metal to go under the grill off of a rabbit. Were I to do it again, I'd get the rad support and front apron down to the bumper shocks off of the rabbit, then cut the spoiler bits off of the Jetta fenders (from the bumper trim strip down) which I would weld to the Rabbit fenders, and end up with a nice clean look. Then I wouldn't need to get a front spoiler to cover up my sins.

City lights:The Jetta's side marker lights were removed when I did that whole grill changeover thing. I took the bulbs and wiring from the original sidemarkers, sanded off the little divots on the plastic, drilled holes in the back of the 7" H4 headlights, crazy-glued rubber grommets into the holes, and inserted the bulb mount thingy from the running lights. Voila, city lights. Essentially I guess you could call it a drill-in city light kit, but I had all of the parts already, so why pay $30 USD? Oh, and I put in blue bulbs. The 'city lights' come on with the running lights.

Driving light switch: Since I've got hi/lo driving lights, I needed a dual switch. What I did, was get a headlight switch from a wrecker, which I gutted, then used for the switch for the hi/lo driving lights (one click (center position): low beam, two clicks (all the way over) : high beam) I then mounted the switch upside down (from it's normal position) in the switch panel to the right of the instrument cluster.

Trunk lock: Since adding the alarm controlled solenoid to the alarm, I never use the key to pop the trunk. So, I moved the latch mechanism further in by putting washers on the bolts, and moved the lock mechanism in by the same method. Then, the key lock was inside of the hole on the trunk lid. This hole was then covered by a VW emblem (off of 85 Jetta?). So, the trunk is popped by the alarm, but if it fails to work, I just pry off the emblem, and use the key.

Dodge Omni spoiler: One of the more sublte things, is the front spoiler off of an Onmi. It's mounted to the Jetta's front valence, behind the GTi spoiler. It currently sticks below the GTi spoiler about 1 inch. I've gotta get underneath and remount so it sits lower. Take a look at the picture on the top of the page. It's there. Trust me.

Factory VW cruise: I do alot of long distance driving, so rather than get a speeding ticket, I thought I better get cruise. So, I installed the factory VW cruise. Everything bolted up, the price was right, and I had the wiring diagram from the Bentley manual. Simple, and it works. The downfall is that I had to create my own mounting bracket for the pedal switches. The proper way would be to replace the steering column with one that had the proper bracket on it already. Oh well.
    VW Cruise parts and prices from a Dealer:
     computer       $550  
     signal switch  $140
     speedo sender  $ 50
enough said, so it's too expensive to go the new parts way.
    Used parts:
     computer, hoses, vacuum pump, pedal switches(all from an Audi 5000)  $15
     signal switch  $10
     speedo sender, linkage, motor mount     $20
    Grand total:   $50    

Audi throttle body:
Technical notes: 
factory tb:  28mm primary, 44mm secondary  --> max area: ~2738sq mm(3.3sq in)
audi tb:     28mm primary, 52mm secondary  --> max area: ~2135sq mm(4.2sq in)
increase: ~30% 

VW dual outlet manifold:
Technical notes:
single outlet manifold: 41mm outlet  --> area: 1320sq mm (2.05sq in)
dual outlet manifold: 2x35mm outlets --> area: 1920sq mm (2.98sq in)
increase:  ~46%

JH cylinder head: One thing leads to another. First the throttle body. Then the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold. Well gee, to save the mechanic time with bolts that'll be rusted, seized, and the general hassle of getting in behind the engine, I'll buy another head. Well, I've got this head here, I might as well gasket match it. I might as well get a hotter cam, as I've got the head off. Well, for more power, I might as well get the head machined so I have a higher compression ratio.

MFA A2 speedo cluster: Actually, MkII Scirocco cluster is more appropriate. Pulled from a wrecked car, purchased the outside temp sensor ($15.00 CDN), spent quite a while studying the wiring diagrams for both cars, hacked up a bit of the behind the cluster area to make the speedo fit in that hole, and viola: multi trip meters, distance, time, average speed, and fuel economy. I still haven't wired up a sensor to the digital oil temp reading from the MFA, mostly because I already have an analog gauge in the console. I'm wondering if there is some way to use that to give me a transmission oil temperature?

2.0L ABA tall block: from a 96 Jetta. Woohoo!! Simple conversion, everything lines up, everything bolts up. Creates a fantastic engine with the solid lifter JH head.

Knock Sensor Ignition:From an 85 GTI. Distributor from See or the Vortex for details.

Power Windows:conversion kit to use the old winders. Ended up putting the driver's winder in the passenger door, passenger in the driver, that put the winder to the back of the door. Then hacked up the front of the door and mounted an 8" mid-woofer in a mini enclosure. An attempt to bring some bass up front. The Boston's are running full range, the top end is picked up by a pair of 1" Boston tweeters. New door panels were part of this endeavor as well. Pictures to follow.

pics of my 84 GLI 2dr

Corner shots:

Square shots:


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