History of the GLi

The GLi isn't only a Jetta thing. The badge has shown up on the Cabriolet, the Golf, the Scirocco, an perhaps the Fox. Of course, this was in Europe. In North America, the GLi emblem, to my knowledge, has only appeared on the Jetta.


1984 GLi
1.8L 8V engine(same as in the GTi)
4-Door only (US)
2-Door or 4-Door (Canada)


A2 chassis arrives with 1.8L 8V Engine(same as in the GTi). 
Close Ratio 5-speed tranny. No automatic available
Available as 2dr, or 4dr.

16v arrives in the form of 3 prototypes.


8v GLi Defunct.
1.8L 16v is the only available GLi. 
Available as a 4-Door only. 
And, in true 16v fashion, close-ratio 5-speed is the only available tranny. 
GLis are equipped with 14" "Teardrop" alloys and Recaro seats.

In Canada, the GLI is renamed GTX with the introduction of the 16v engine


GLi 16v engine upgraded to 2.0L. 
"Big bumpers" added, GLis get 15" 3-piece BBS Wheels, as do GTi 16v's. 
Power Recaro seats, sunroof, power windows, door locks, and mirrors standard.


1993 and up
GLi name discontinued.(US)  Replaced with GLX. 
Engine upgraded to 6-cylinder VR6.
Automatic available for the first time. (Manual still standard). 
Standard leather, sunroof, etc.

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