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  • Drivetrain and suspension mods:
    • Tokico HP shocks
    • HoR Sport springs
    • Neuspeed Upper strut tie bar
    • Neuspeed rear tie bar
    • Polyurethane bushings all around
    • Sport Polyurethane Engine mounts.
    • 1.7 engine packed with Callaway Stage I turbo,
    • Upgraded 210mm Sachs clutch,
    • upgraded alternator (90 amps)
    • 2.25" Techtonichs SS exhaust without Cat
    • Sebring polished SS 4.5" exhaust tip.
  • future drivetrain and suspension projects
    • Neuspeed spark wires
    • larger throttle body,
    • upgrade the engine to 2.0 (but even 1.8 would be good).
  • Interior:
    • dashboard from an 87 GTI.
    • Recaro bucket seats with matching custom upholstered rear seat.
    • Momo Montercarlo steering wheel
    • Momo evolution shift knob.
    • Lonza SS pedals.
  • future interior projects:
    • stereo system
    • custom door panels
  • Exterior mods:
    • BBS front air spoiler
    • Zender sideskirts
    • Euro bumpers
    • "turbo" badge from Porsche 911
    • gascap from a 92 Kasasaki Ninja
    • smoke side blinkers
  • future exterior projects:
    • Fuba antenna
    • rear deck spoiler (M3 style)
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